International Conference on Teacher Education "Redesigning Professional Teacher Education"

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The implementation of Law No. 14/2005 on Teachers and Faculty members, has been posing Teacher Education program across Indonesia with serious challenges and problems especially in regard with how to prepare the best teachers for school across the country. Those challenges are considered so fundamental as to make all teacher education institutions in the country to reform its design on teacher education program. To respond those challenges, the most critical tasks of teacher education institutions is not merely to review and to reevaluate their programs, but to redesign the whole model of teacher education which ensure the attainment of a high standard of teacher quality to meet the national demands. It seems true that the key concept is not to equip the teacher with a couple of basic competency but to enhance teacher quality with a high capability to reflect the whole processes of teaching and learning.

We have engaged in fierce debate for many decades regarding the best model swinging between the two approaches: concurrent and consecutive approach. The debate is also around a predominant nature of a teacher quality whether a teacher should master content knowledge or pedagogical knowledge. To respond this issue, it is too often that we have also been trapped in "common sense" in making the policy as a guideline due to the lack of scientific findings regarding teacher education. For this reason a central concern is how to fill the gap between policy and research in order to overcome the fragmentation characterizes the experiences of learning by creating structurally and conceptually coherent program that will result in more powerful learning for prospective teachers. Conceptual coherence might include entwining theory and practice purposefully and deliberately, and strengthening linkage between program structure and program content. Structural aspect of coherence might include organizing and aligning courses and student teaching placement around a particular conception of teaching and learning in an effort to construct an integrated experience.

We also aware that career of teacher should be developed through a long process as a life cycle so the improvement of teacher quality could be put in a framework: comprehensive, integrative and continuous starting from student selection for entering teacher education program, the recruitment of teachers entering the teaching profession to retirement.

Theme : "Redesigning Professional Teacher Education"

Date : 6-8 April 2010

Venue : JICA, FPMIPA Building, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia,
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 229, Bandung 40154 West-Java Indonesia.


The conference is aimed to attain the objectives:

1. To review a basic and essential philosophical foundation of teacher education by taking into consideration socio-cultural context of education;

2. To thoroughly and critically analyze a current situation on teacher education related to policy, rules and regulation, including management and program structure and content by using most relevant information as reference for developing teacher education;

3. To redesign a new model of teacher education programs which ensure the integration between content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge as a solution to current challenge in preparing the best teachers of the 21st century in Indonesia.


Participants consist of experts from overseas: America, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

From Indonesia, participants consist of primary stakeholders of teacher education, comprising:

* Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of state and private universities which have mission and program of teacher education;

* Dean of FKIP;

* Head of Provincial Office of Education (Kepala Dinas Pendidikan);

* Commission X of House of People's Representatives (Komisi X DPR RI);

* School principals of SMA and SMK;

* Academic staff from UPL


1. Philosophical foundation of teacher education
This topic discusses the concept of teacher quality related to the demands of national development: by taking into consideration the multi-cultural context of education, ideology and politic, and other important factors which ensure the improvement of teacher quality for achieving a high standard of education. Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Soedijarto.

2. Policy, rules and regulations of teacher education
This topic discusses the role of public policy of teacher education as a guideline for achieving its missions, abiding by rules and regulations of certification, appointment, and professional development which ensure the achievement of a high standard of teacher education.Keynote speaker: Margaret (Peg) Sutton, Ph.D. (Indiana University).

3. Structure program and contents of teacher education
This topic discusses the issue of conceptual coherence between content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, including the sequence of curriculum. Keynote speaker: Marylin Johnston-Parsons (University of Illinois)

4. Improving the effectiveness of clinical experience
This topic discusses the issue how to improve the quality of clinical experiences, including the role of teacher candidate, academic staff of university, and cooperating teacher. Keynote speaker: Tine Sloan, Ph.D. (University of California Santa Barbara)

5. The process of teacher certification and quality assurance of teacher education
This topic discusses the issue how to facilitate the process of clinical experience and professional development for teacher certification and quality assurance of teacher education. Keynote speaker: Kerry John Kennedy, Ph.D. (Hong Kong Institute of Education-HKIEd)

6. Professional development for in-service teacher
This topic duscusses the issue how to enhance the quality of strategic and academic leadership of in-service teacher which ensure the attainment of a high standard of school quality. Keynote speaker:Lucila T Rudge, Ph.D. (Ohio State University).

7. Management and organization of teacher education and professional development
This topic discusses the issues of organization and management of resources, including financial support for teacher education. Keynote speaker: Sue Dechow, Ph.D. (Ohio State University).

8. The role of research for improving teacher education
This topic discusses the role of researcher community to develop public policy on teacher education, and other matters related to services in school for enhancing a high quality of education. Keynote speaker: Joachim Dittrich, Ph.D.
Waktu : 6-8 April 2010
Lokasi : JICA, FPMIPA Building, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154 West-Java, Indonesia